It’s almost rocket science

Very few people can affirm having taken their equipment to the edge of space, since having something fly three times as high as an airliner, and recovering it is no easy task. However, we have achieved it once and plan to do it again in the beginning of 2016.

We are a team of IT, mathematics, telecommunications engineering students, engineers and aerospace enthusiasts willing to enable anyone to place their experiment/camera/device/whatever without necessarily possessing any technical knowledge. We aim to make this accessible to amateurs, schools and universities with very low budgeted projects. OpenStratos’ goal is to make stratosphere open and reachable for everyone.

But this is only the first of our milestones. OpenStratos wants to be the reference for teaching how to build, test, and send stratospheric probes. We want to explain everything that is necessary to send the probe and gather useful data after the recovery and to create a platform for space and aeronautics enthusiasts that want to learn how to reach the limits of the atmosphere.

For that, our mission is to release all the code and information freely, under an open source license. We also aim to publish all the assembly and development information, so that individuals can learn how to do it from our experience.

Welcome to OpenStratos!

Lanzamiento de OpenStratos

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