Who we are and what we do

Hi there,

We’re a team of university students, engineers, and aviation and aerospace enthusiasts. We’re not a state-funded agency, and therefore cannot afford very expensive ideas, although we would love to carry them out : )

We do have one idea, though: enabling people that, like us, do not have much resources to send their own payloads at very low rates where very few things have been: the edge of space. The idea is simple: if you have a payload, we provide the vehicle that will take it over 35km/115k ft up!

However, if you want to develop your own near-space program, we also want to teach people how to build their very own near-spacecraft, reusing our code or programming it by themselves, launch it with their own payloads and recover it.

For that, we need your help: we proved this is possible by launching our first successful mission a few months ago, were able to recover it and learned a whole lot of things in the meantime. We paid for the whole mission by ourselves because we’re not a state-funded agency, but need your support to take up on this challenge!